Carly Simon | No Secrets

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Carly Simon | No Secrets (Lp)
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 Carly Simon | No Secrets (Lp)

Album met de titel No Secrets (Lp) van Carly Simon


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Vinyl album van Carly Simon met de titel No Secrets (Lp)

Carly Simon | No Secrets (Lp)

Carly Simon best album, No Secrets was also her commercial breakthrough, topping the charts and going gold, along with its leadoff single, "You're So Vain." That song set the album's saucy tone, with its air of sexually frank autobiography ("You had me several years ago/When I was still quite naïve") and its reflections on the jet-set lifestyle. But Simon's honesty meant that her lyrical knife was double-edged; now that she felt she had found true love ("The Right Thing to Do," another Top Ten hit, was her celebration of her relationship with James Taylor), she was as willing to acknowledge her own mistakes and regrets as she was to point fingers. But it wasn't only Simon's forthrightness that made the album work; it was also Richard Perry's simple, elegant pop/rock production, which gave Simon's music a buoyancy it previously lacked. And Perry paid particular attention to Simon's vocals in a way that made her more engaging (or at least less grating) to listen to.


1. Carly Simon - Right Thing To Do
2. Carly Simon - Carter Family
3. Carly Simon - You’re So Vain
4. Carly Simon - His Friends Are More
5. Carly Simon - Than Fond Of Robin
6. Carly Simon - (We Have) No Secrets
7. Carly Simon - Embrace Me, You Child
8. Carly Simon - Waited So Long
9. Carly Simon - It Was So Easy
10. Carly Simon - Night Owl
11. Carly Simon - When You Close Your Eyes


Carly Simon | No Secrets (Lp)
Uitgever Friday Music
Artiest(en) Carly Simon
Uitvoering LP, 1 plaat, 11 tracks, Speelduur: 35:58
Gewicht (1 plaat) 180 gram
Releasedatum 01 november 1972
EAN 0829421900726
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Categorieën: Pop


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