Popa Chubby | Howd A White Boy Get The (Lp)

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Popa Chubby | Howd A White Boy Get The (Lp)
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Tracklist Plaat 1

1. Carrying On The Torch Of The Blues

2. Time Is Killing Me

3. Daddy Played The Guitar (And Mama Was A Disco Queen)

4. Black Hearted Woman

5. Savin' My Love Up For My Lover

6. No Comfort

7. It's A Sad Day In New York City When There Ain't No Room For The Blues?

Tracklist Plaat 2

1. Goin' Down To Willie's

2. Since I Lost My Leg

3. How'd A White Boy Get The Blues

4. Shakedown (Brooklyn Basement Blues)

5. She Said That Evil Was Her Name (Brooklyn Basement Blues)

6. Arlita (Brooklyn Basement Blues)

7. Hallelujah (Wild - Live!)


Uitgever Dixie Frog

Artiest(en) Popa Chubby

Uitvoering LP, 2 platen

Releasedatum 29 november 2010

EAN 0794881989812

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Categorieën: Blues


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